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Consumers are faced with an overkill of content. How do you get your brand content to stand out?

Harness the power of word of mouth / influencer marketing to let consumers create your content, generate buzz, driving action & sales. Word of mouth / Influencer marketing has proven time and again to be the #1 factor influencing purchase decisions. Its the most trusted medium of marketing out there!

Learn about the power of WoM/Influencer marketing

Get real consumers to create brand content which is both dynamic and scalable

Great content naturally creates action. Consumers love to share content which strikes a connection with them. Genuine content created by influencers is naturally viral, lower cost and has a greater impact. Create engaging videos, photos, stories and connections with our scalable word of mouth platform.

How it works

SureBzz is a Word of Mouth / influencer platform which connects brands with interesting and influential people to run word of mouth marketing campaigns. We create a deep connection between consumers and brands to activate word of mouth across social and offline media

Word of Mouth & Influencer marketing backed with industry leading metrics for direct ROI

The number one challenge for marketers is to find the right brand advocates who wants to work with your brand. Our platform has a double opt-in process to take the guesswork of choosing influencers out of the picture. Industry leading analysis and metrics, like Net Promoter Score, outreach & reaction, purchase intent, buzz analysis, tag cloud etc, help you make informed decisions and justify campaign ROI.

What we do

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