We are proud of SureBzz and want you to enjoy your SureBzzer experience too. To facilitate this, we have a “Code of Conduct” designed to make SureBzz the best experience for everyone./Influencers

SureBzz Code of Conduct

SureBzzers always tell others they are part of a word-of-mouth program. Be proud to be a SureBzzer. When Bzzing others, you must let them know that you’re involved with SureBzz and tell them what you received as part of the campaign. If you genuinely like something (or even if you don’t), it’s your open, honest opinion that counts.

We are a word of mouth network who influence what happens with products and brands. But it only works if people say what they really think. This way we challenge our clients to do good work so we can spread the good word. People are smart. They will pick up when the Bzz is dishonest or fake. Why would you want to be misleading and damaging your relationships? Be honest. It pays.

We are always upfront and honest about what we are doing. SureBzz is designed to give people’s opinions and ideas a chance to be heard. SureBzzers are not out there to sell but to say what they really think.

Campaigns are all different but there will always be some background information so you can understand and appreciate what the SureBzz community is trying to achieve.

Someone once pointed out that we have two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Please listen to your friends and families opinions so when we listen to you we get the widest range of views and thoughts possible.

Be yourself and share your opinions — all Bzz is good Bzz!
Your first priority is always to deliver authentic Bzz, or information and opinions, to other people. You know how you stop listening when you think someone is trying to sell you something? Well, other people do too. So stay natural! Be extra careful to not spam strangers when you’re online. No one enjoys spam, except when it’s grilled and put on toast with a little bit of mayo.

Everything you do communicates something to the people around you. A SureBuzzer knows that sometimes you don’t have to say a word to make an impact. Keep in mind that you’re constantly sending messages to the people around you, from what you say to the products you use.

Stay in contact with the Central SureBzz Hive!
Stay alert for program invitations and sign up quickly for the ones that interest you. Keep up to date by completing our polls. Submit detailed BzzReports whenever you get the chance to share some Bzz. And let us know about your experiences — good and bad — so we can keep SureBzz fresh and exciting. After all, you’re our eyes and ears.

There might be free products, rewards and priviledges but the main reason people are part of the SureBzz community is because it’s interesting and fun to do.

Keep the feedback coming — the more we know, the more we’ll be able to improve.