Frequently asked questions for Consumers/Influencers

Click JOIN and fill out the SureBzz Registration Form.
After submitting your form, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.
After activation of account,you can log in to Surebzz where you can set up your profile, find out about new and ongoing projects, benefit from special SureBzz deals, take surveys,and more. Please fill out the profile and surveys as completely as possible because the more we know about your background and interests, the better equipped we’ll be to match you with the right products and campaigns that fit your lifestyle.

You can simply click on Forgot My Password and your information will be emailed to you.

Anyone residing in India can become a SureBzzer. You need to be 18 years or above to become a SureBzzer.

Ummm…how about Rupees Fifty Thousand? JUST KIDDING!
The service is completely FREE for you as a SureBzzer! There are no Membership fees. All we ask is your honest opinion and continuous feedback reports when you take part in any campaign.

9 out of 10 times you’ll get the samples for free. Some more expensive products such as a phone for example, may be available to you at a discounted price. This will vary depending on the campaign &the products involved.

Bzz is the delivery of word-of-mouth marketing. Bzz is creating discussions and enabling information to spread from one person to the next and the next. It’s the word on the street, the energy around a product. It’s about creating and sharing ideas that people will talk about.

A SureBzzer is a smart, passionate and honest messenger of Bzz to people around them. A Surebzzer is a clear communicator and an informed consumer who is connected to other people. A Surebzzer is open to discovering new products, new tastes and new ideas. A Surebzzer is always interested in sharing their opinions about a product with other people and is also eager to hear what everyone else has to say about them.

Being a Surebzzer means you are a member of a community of confident, enthusiastic, communicative, friendly, smart, outgoing and powerful people who help generate Bzz about different products and services.

SureBzzers have a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in SureBzz Campaigns. SureBzzers are matched with products that fit their profile. We then send them samples which they get to try and give us feedback.
We also give SureBzzers enough product, coupons or other items to share with their friends and family. They pass them out and provide us feedback.
Being a SureBzzer, your opinion really matters and we want to know what you think about various products and we want you to let others know how you feel as well. You can do this by taking surveys, filling out feedback reports and writing product reviews on our website.

We use the information you provide us with regarding your interests, passions and your demographic details (age, sex, gender, type of employment etc) to match you with campaigns we believe you will be interested in. You can help us to match you more closely with various programs by staying up to date with Polls and Surveys on your My Surveys page. This gives us a little more information about you than what you will have provided when you joined.

A Poll is normally a couple of questions on a particular topic that creates interest, fun and discussion amongst members. A Survey is normally 5-10 questions that enables us to better match you against a word of mouth campaign that you might be interested in. Because we only get a very broad overview of your interests when you join, we sometimes need to ask a few more questions depending on what the brand is trying to achieve out of the word of mouth program. Every time you complete a Poll or a Survey you get points, which results in higher rankings, which results in access to premium and exclusive campaigns!

Yes. You will never be spammed nor will your details be passed on to any third party. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

There are a few resons for why this may happen:
There are limited spaces available for that particular program and it is full.
There are other Agents with a higher interest match with the product campaign.
SureBzz clients have given specific criteria that you don’t match eg. You are a male with an interest in mobile phone technology and the client is targeting female mobile phone users.

Yes. We ask that you to actively participate in SureBzz Campaigns by talking to others in a natural, honest way and reporting back on this conversation by way of a Campaign feedback.
A Campaign feedback is SureBzz’s main way of measuring the success of a word of mouth program. Also, for every feedback submitted you will be building your status as a Surebzzer. Building your status is good because it enables you to be in with the opportunity to receive great rewards from SureBzz and access to campaigns on a priority basis!

Absolutely, we encourage it. This can be done in a number of ways:
By completing a Survey.
Participating in a word of mouth program.
Submitting Campaign feedback.
Rating products & services.

Yes. You are not selling anything and there is nothing to hide. It’s really important that you tell people that you are involved with SureBzz and that we have given you the opportunity to give feedback on a product or service. Whether it’s good or bad feedback or a mixture of both, it doesn’t matter provided it’s honest.

There is no catch. The only thing we ask in return for sending free products is your honest opinion. We want you to tell us what you think; good, bad or indifferent. When taking part in any SureBzz Campaign, all we ask is for you to submit feedback reports based on your interactions with other people.