We connect Brands to Influencers / Consumers through SureBzz Campaigns. These campaigns are designed to provide an immersive brand experience to the Consumers and generate word of mouth buzz.

As an influential consumer and part of our platform (SureBzzer) you get exclusive access to SureBzz Campaigns! This is how it works.

1) Join SureBzz by signing up, then complete your profile and answer a few simple questions so we can match you to interesting campaigns which are suited for you.

2) We contact you as soon as we have a campaign which matches your interests.

3) You opt in (or out) to let us know if you want to be involved in the campaign.

4) You try the product or service yourself. Your opinion negative or positive is valuable. You let us know what you think of the product or service.

5) You share and talk about the product or service to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone whom you feel might be interested. We also give you coupons, samples and information to share.

6) Tell us your honest opinion on what you, your friends and family liked and didn’t like.

7) We’ll share the result of each campaign – so you’ll know the impact of all of your opinions. Its that simple!

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