I am Prerna, one of the co-founder of SureBzz. Its really nice having you with us. I’d just like to share with you who we are and what we are doing. Thanks for your interest in SureBzz!

SureBzz is an innovative and exciting word of mouth marketing platform for brands. SureBzz believes in creating a deep connection between brands and consumers by activating word of mouth across the offline and online space. We believe in unpaid, unscripted ethical and authentic conversations (only!). We execute SureBzz campaigns to activate engaged consumers by providing immersive brand experiences to ignite widespread word of mouth, drive trial and influence purchase.

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About Us

SureBzz sprung from the idea that intead of just firing advertising at consumers, it is far more important to focus on the intereactions and conversations which people are having with each other. People love to take an active role in the products and services they are buying. If given this opportunity, people turn into brand advocates and have deep lasting relations with the brands.

Moreover traditional offline word of mouth marketing is very limited in nature. It is mostly one way with little or no feedback reaching back to the brands. With SureBzz we have changed the way word of mouth marketing operates by providing continuous feedback and analytics. The voice of the people can actually be logged through our website, analysed and meaningful action be taken!

We believe in

In the new era of marketing, its no longer acceptable to interrupt or interfere the consumer. We cannot capture them by going against their wishes. By understanding consumers time, interests and preferences, marketers can really benefit from word of mouth marketing. Marketers have to respect, understand and align with the consumers natural behaviour. Consumers benefit when they feel a marketer is honest and provides additional value when and where desired. Marketers benefit when people actually want to hear their messages. This is what SureBzz is all about. Open and honest feedback and communication.

We believe in the power of being honest and open, for long term results. For our clients, this means we stand for ethical word of mouth interactions that include disclosure, script-free messaging and honesty of opinions. For our employees, this means we will share information generously, answer any question as best we’re able and create consistent opportunities for two-way dialogue. And for the rest of the world, we try to be open about our business and what we are doing. Try us!

We are committed to providing the best word of mouth experience for everyone, including our SureBzzrs, our clients and the people who work with us. We strive to take quick decisions, without sacrificing on thoughtfulness or being hasty. We care about our clients, employees, SureBzzers, consumers and vendors. We are devoted to providing the best service possible to each and ever one of them. We believe that you should not put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

Whatever the consumer is saying, be it good or bad, is worth listening to. This is the entire foundation of SureBzz, getting people to talk and others to listen. We are always searching to understand the consumers wants and needs. The consumers voice is very important and we offer a way for marketers and brands to hear these conversations.

Our willingness to experiment enables us to deliver exceptional value. We are always open for feedback, be it from clients, from SureBzzers or from consumers. We continuously innovate our work, to deliver the best results possible. We try to be flexible enough to provide outstanding solutions. For SureBzzers we are continuously evolving, to provide them with the best possible brand experience. For our employees, we try to provide a fresh and open work environment in which everyone’s contribution is valued. For our clients we strive to provide the most mind boggling WOM solutions they can find.