SureBzz was born out of a desire to give Indian consumers a place to voice their opinions, have a say and influence the products and services around us. We are working to quickly make great products and services available to our members. We have several great products and services lined up for SureBzz members to test. We are also enhancing the site and adding new features that will give members even more opportunity to share products and voice their opinions.

We have many Surveys available on our website for you to take depending upon which we will be able to match you with the right campaigns. There will be other new features and surveys added in the coming weeks. We hope our members will enjoy them.

As always, we hope that you will tell us what you think. Good and bad, we want to hear it! You can share your thoughts and suggestions via the contact page on our website or by submitting a support request by logging in to SureBzzer Myzone. In this blog, our goal will be to share with you a bit about the inner workings at SureBzz. We are young and growing. We are looking for your support to make SureBzz a place you want to be!

Happy Bzzing!

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