A more efficient spend of your marketing budget through a continuous focus group of influencers

Word of mouth and influencer marketing is tough! You have to first plan a campaign, allocate budget, identify and reach out to key target influencers, hope they will respond back within your budget, influence and engage them and then cross your fingers that the campaign will deliver results!

Through our influencer campaigns, we do all the hard work for you. You even get justifiable real time metrics to quantity ROI & marketing spend.



Getting the right consumers who would be perfect brand advocates

Tap into our fast growing network of opt-in Influencers

Recruit the influencers by choosing a mix of demographic and behavioral data points

Housewives, salaried individuals, freelancers, students, doctors and even CEOs, we have them all on our platform


Generate genuine and honest buzz through an immersive brand experience to the influencers

We design 360 degree immersive campaigns designed to naturally generate the maximum buzz around your brand

A double opt-in process ensures only genuinely interested influencers are part of the campaign


Explode buzz online and offline, getting constant brand feedback

Our platform encourages natural 2 way conversations

Hashtags ensure convenient brand tracking and also creates brand recall and content virality


The widest word of mouth metrics in the world! NPS, Outreach, Reaction etc. We measure it all and is provided to you in real time through the client extranet

Leading industry standard WoM metrics are included with every campaign

Free pre and post consumer surveys judge campaign efficacy

Gain invaluable insights through robust campaign analytics