Quantifying the ripples created by SureBzz word of mouth / influencer campaigns.

Ok, there are many self proclaimed ‘Leading Word of Mouth Marketing’ companies out there. What makes us any different? Why should you use our services to promote your brand. Here’s why!

We get under the surface

Our team of experts dig deep into your marketing issues to develop a detailed SureBzz Campaign. We identify the target segment for your brand and then tap into our network of SureBzzer’s to choose the right consumers to spread the word about your product. We also provide a way for each SureBzzer to experience your product and share your brand with colleagues, friends or family.

SureBzz Campaigns are targeted, focused and deliver punches where it counts

We ignite conversation and generate measurable buzz

Our community of SureBzzers share their opinion face-to-face and digitally, with friends, family & colleagues. Then they report their conversations and activities back to us. We read, monitor and respond to each and every report to ensure that they are authentic and genuine. The result is a series of conversations between consumers which are meaningful, emotional and revealing. And out of these conversations come advocates for your brand.

We deliver measurable results

Most word of mouth marketing companies just focus on creating buzz. An open challenge. Ask any of the so called ‘leading’ WOMM companies (from India) to provide you with a visual representation of the impact of the buzz or simply even to show you the conversations which are occuring as a result of the WOMM activities.
They will scoot out the door before you can say ‘Amen’!
Try that with us! We measure the impact till we are literally blue in the face! If it isn’t measurable, we don’t do it. These detailed reports and analytics are available to the client to take informed, intelligent decisions. We believe in complete openess and honesty. We even share the results of the campaign with participating SureBzzers. This makes them more aware and increases the chances of creating more brand advocates. We quantify the ripple generated by SureBzz campaigns!

We are flexible and innovative

If your program needs more of a specific type of SureBzzer, we will run a specific recruitment program just for you. We believe in being flexible to suit client requirements. Our proprietary tools have been proven to find the most connected and influential people for all types of campaign. We know what works (and what doesn’t). So we can confidently implement, track and report on how effective your campaign has been.