SureBzz Central Hive

Welcome to the SureBzz CentralHive! This blog is dedicated to information on the behind the scenes at SureBzz.

We have started SureBzz because we realize that we are an incredibly important and powerful group of consumers. We in India spend 60 % of our cash money shopping for food or other groceries, 36% in buying snacks, 29% in leisure shopping/shopping for non-essentials and 28% in dining out.

So, if we are such an important consumer, shouldn’t we have more of a say in the development, marketing etc. of products and services that are targeted to us?

With SureBzz, we are creating a place where SureBzzers can have their say and influence these products and services… while getting them for free and connecting with one another at the same time!

Its exciting times ahead for both consumers and the companies behind the brands. This can only happen if you signup and start participating in the SureBzz community. As our numbers grow, so does the influence of our SureBzzers!

More of the story to come…

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